Biały Dunajec is located at the height of 660-720 AMSL. The village is divided by the stream of the same name. Biały Dunajec is a part of Podhale region whose borders are set by the Tatra Mountains, Gorce, Obidowa Pass, Spisz and Orawa. Beautiful surroundings allow the tourists to admire great views of Tatras, Gorce, Beskidy and Nowy Targ Basin. The views provide aesthetic impressions both in summer and winter. You can also see historical buildings such as a wooden house of the village head from 1830 and historic huts in Polish Highlander style built in the 19th century. Walking and bike trails with lovely views start in Biały Dunajec, e.g. Biały Dunajec-Leszczyny-Sierockie-Rolów Wierch-Ząb-Gubałówka (about 3 hours). The trail leads through Gubałowskie Foothills.